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Fakten auf Englisch/ facts in enlish

Seite wird geschrieben/text will writtn
Telepathic telekinesis terror
divided by telepath´s
(07.12.2016. They'll kill me today maybe
So just tortured me the telepath leaves my lung pain it pulls and burns. They mean that they kill me today. He means he makes me stifle.

Fes feels very painful in the lungs. They'll kill me todaymaybe)

We need you for petition go to link
This ist the most probability possibility:
Are vou hearing ghosts demon, devil or maybe they are telling you that they are God. Maybe some people think they were becoming irradiatet from Mindcontrol weapons or rays from satelite. I think all people who can hear and /or fell that are influenced by telepath with telekinetic forces.
The telepath are able to control people by show them that they can kill you and you can do nothing because no one belief you. This will be tested at human like me to control person in politics an d economy maybe military too.

Because maybe that telepath are the cause of big problems in the world.
Everybody who knows them should talk about them. I think that a lot people are knowing about them but don´t like speak about because the telepath are lying and say:
You have to don´t speak about telepath, if you talk, talk about voice or vote don’t say the word Telepath.
 Or they let you know that they can kill you.
Or: Say nothing no one will belive you you´ll get crazy.
So They have the possibility to control all

It´s important to talk about.!!!

Systematic of the evil Telepath (properties they use systematically)
<no one knows about or believe that
              -They will tell you that often and hope that´s enough that you aren’t talking about
              -But you have to talk about, so you can be sure if they kill you, someone known’s about.
<They let hear you voices
              -There own voice
              -Voices about other person in the the acoustic of all
              -Voices of your friends or old friends you haven´t seen long time because they know your
< If you are talking about other person you don´t hear them loudly
              -They want that you are every time in bars talking with people so they can talk about terror
maybe killing and you aren´t hearing them
<before you are knowing that what you are hearing are telepath
              -They want´s to manipulate you that no one believe you or every one think you are crazy.
              -At the beginning they let you hearing only voices.
              -They want that you became crazy or get into panic.
<If you check that are Telepath they get more crazy and use telekinesis.
              -maybe they say you a story:
                            We work for police you are becoming a telepath and you have bound with a lot of
                            People you need Neuroleptika to end the boundings  you have to get them in
psychiatric clinic.
<They want´s to control you with fear
              They can let feel you something like:
              -Sharp pain or pressure on the heart
              -burning in the lunge
              -let feel dizziness
              -heart throb in two different
                            -1st you feel the heart throb but your puls is normal (telepathic (not real))
                            -2nd you feel the heart throb and with them the pulst (telekinetic (is REAL))
                            If they want that you get a heart attack you´ll get heart throb by telekinesis.
              -they know what you think about and hear them, they also know your mental stress level.
              -They uses psychical traps so you´ll get crazy.
Typical Example We don´t kill you! What sure, puhh. Now he think again we don´t kill him, ha ha ha.
What can you do if they terrorise you
The most important is answer only in your mind, don’t speak every time. You have to know they know your mind and use it to confuse you. The telepath can notice all your since so you can use it to give him a hard time. You can hear music that he don´t like or smell cheese and so on or you eat chilly but pleas don´t hurt you that’s the wrong way. All what i´ve done was not enough the telepath has to hold up the telepathic bounding because the controller want that.
1)      Tell it an confidant
2)      Note all make a diary, best is a word document so you can copy all
3)      Make a blog maybe on google
4)      Write in Forums
Parts of my diary
All what the telepath say is underlined
I have sleep but feel weak. The last day´s ago I had to hear a lot I was to compute every time to die.
They want to stifle me in my dream but it was real or they want that I become crazy.
You idiots why do you have not stifle him to death?...He also has ideas in his dream, I thought he was going to his neighbour.  He also gets breath….you should have done.
At the last days it always was the same, the telepath make terror round the time from morning to evening and they hope I make suicide. They mean it will be look like suicide caused of hallucination and no one will believe that telepath are the reason. So the telepath can lick my ass, that dammed telepathic Nazis, they think they are our lords and we have to do what they want? They should piss off and fuck off that stupid bastards. I´ve said them I have principle no respect for nazi ashole´s motherfucker´s so stupid fucked up telepath. If I can I will brake their face and piss on their forehead.
This is insanity hes so cheeky, normaly that idiots have fear in front of us and he is swearing all the time.  When would you kill him finaly? …pleas let me kill him, lets shit to him  no one  believe him. ..We can´t do that now you idiot has let him all write down. He´s talking with every one. If we kill him now they will think about. We will kill this as hole but not yet, no one believe him so we have time. He is to stupid to check that we are the Lord´s of the world. That would no one of the idiot hearing. That’s the reason that should not know anyone. If I kill him now it looks suspect. We only needs to terrorise him along, he will make suezide.
That guy goes me on my as, he´s so an idiot. Steven you have to do what we say. We are your Lords, that´s it. You have to acquiesce. You have to comply.  Humans like you should not have this  telepathic ability. You are evil terrorists you make only terror you are a fail of evolution you are monsters as hole motherfucker. You sun of a bitch, we are no human, we are telepath. You sun of a bitch.
I can´t hold out this guy, please kill him, he goes on the toilet too. I don´t hold out that idiot. You as hole has let him write down all, that´s the reason why I can´t kill him now!... but he´s writing more and more…I don´t know how I should hold out that. That guy don´t leave me alone he do all I don´t like. He´s so an as hole writing all down like I speak.
I want give up. Its insane what he write, that will no one believe he will guilty as crazy Let us give up….but I want´s to kill him I absolutely want´s to kill him. That sun of a bitch let me smell his fart.

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